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Advanced technology. Enhanced control. Acuron® GT post-emergence corn herbicide is here to annihilate weeds. Its unique active ingredient, bicyclopyrone (BIR), gives Acuron GT powerful control, faster knockdown and longer-lasting residual, making it the ultimate post-emergence herbicide in corn.

Beyond advanced technology.

Acuron® GT is the only glyphosate premix available with the active ingredient bicyclopyrone (BIR). This advanced technology makes Acuron GT the ultimate post-emergence herbicide plus residual herbicide. It allows it to outperform the competition with faster knockdown, enhanced control and longer-lasting residual , resulting in greater potential yield in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

Bicyclic Dione Bridge Provides enhanced longer-lasting residual control.
MEM Side Chain Provides superior crop safety.

Active Ingredients.

Acuron® GT contains a full rate of bicyclopyrone—the unique active ingredient that helps deliver enhanced control. But it’s the combination of all four active ingredients that makes it the ultimate post-emergence corn herbicide.

Bicyclopyrone27 | HPPD Inhibitor

Mesotrione27 | HPPD Inhibitor

S-metolachlor15 | VLCFA Synthesis Inhibitor

Glyphosate9 | EPSP Synthase Inhibitor

Faster knockdown of many weeds such as giant ragweed and waterhemp.

Enhanced control of more grass and broadleaf weeds.

Longer-lasting residual allowing earlier applications to protect yield.

The ultimate post-emergence herbicide.

Provides higher-level control of more than 90 yield-robbing grass and broadleaf weeds , including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, giant ragweed, morningglory, marestail, giant foxtail, kochia, cocklebur and burcucumber.

Giant ragweed

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Acuron GT

Acuron® GT contains 4 active ingredients, including the active ingredient BIR, which enhances knockdown and residual control of many weeds, such as giant ragweed and waterhemp.

Acuron GT 3.75 pt/A; 26 DAT; Lamartine, WI

Acuron GT

Acuron® GT combines enhanced weed control and superior crop safety to help deliver up to 5 more bu/A than Harness MAX in glyphosate-tolerant corn*.

Acuron GT 3.75 pt/A + atrazine 0.5 pt/A + NIS, AMS; 59 DAT; Iroquois, SD

Acuron GT

Acuron® GT contains 4 active ingredients for powerful weed control that can deliver up to 10 more bu/A than Armezon PRO*, which relies on only 2 active ingredients.

Acuron GT 3.75 pt/A + NIS + AMS, Byron, MN, 56 DAT

Acuron GT

Acuron® GT is formulated with 4 active ingredients and 3 sites of action to provide faster knockdown, enhanced control and longer-lasting residual weed control than any other post-emergence herbicide in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

Acuron GT 3.75 pt/A 67 DAT; Lamartine, WI

Acuron GT

Acuron® GT provides a full season use rate of BIR, which allows it to outperform Halex GT with faster knockdown, enhanced control and longer-lasting residual.

Acuron GT 3.75 pt/A + NIS + AMS, Byron, MN, 56 DAT


Resicore® contains 3 active ingredients, including clopyralid, which has limited residual control of some weeds. Acuron GT, because it has BIR, has been shown to provide 9% greater control of giant ragweed 40-60 days after treatment than Resicore.

Resicore 1.25 qt/A + atrazine 1 pt/A + glyphosate 28 fl oz/A + AMS; 26 DAT; Lamartine, WI

Harness Max

Harness® MAX herbicide’s knockdown and residual can’t compete with Acuron GT on key broadleaf weeds and annual grasses such as giant ragweed, yellow nutsedge and kochia.

Harness MAX 48 fl oz/A + atrazine 0.5 pt/A + glyphosate 27 fl oz/A + AMS; 59 DAT; Iroquois, SD

Armezon PRO

Acuron® GT outperforms Armezon® PRO with an average of 5% greater control of annual grasses, small- and large-seeded broadleaf weeds 40-60 days after treatment in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

Armezon PRO 20 fl oz/A + glyphosate 26.6 fl oz/A + AMS, Byron, MN, 56 DAT


Capreno® contains only 2 active ingredients, and one of those ingredients is an ALS herbicide. Since many weeds are resistant to ALS herbicides, you may not be getting 2 effective sites of action to effectively control your weeds and manage against weed resistance.

Capreno 3 fl oz/A 67 DAT; Lamartine, WI

Halex GT

With Acuron GT, you can manage Palmer amaranth and waterhemp up to 7 days earlier than Halex® GT because of its longer-lasting residual control. Being able to make applications earlier can provide operational flexibility.

Halex GT 3.6 pt/A + NIS + AMS, Byron, MN, 56 DAT

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